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, said, "The Central Government has▓ made science and technology a strategic priority. The scientists and engineers are carrying heavy responsibilities. We should grasp the precious opportunities of new technological revolution, commit ourselve▓s to innovation during development, and build a country of innovatio▓n. We should

also try to contribute more to achieve a well-off society, as well as the rej▓uvenation of the country."After three years of construction, the new Science and Technology Museum will open to the publi▓c on Wednesday. The museum is located within the Beijing▓ Olympic Green, bordering the Bird's Nest and Water Cube. Let's take a look at what's bound to become a future family favorite.The n

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ew museum's main structure looks like a huge cube-shaped jigsaw puzzle. It has a floor area of 102-thousand square meters, and exhibit halls cov

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